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Deviflex - Cables
Devimat - Mats
Devireg - Thermoregulators
Devidry - Electric Floor Heating
Deviflex,Devicell - Fixing Strips
Devirail - Fixing Strips
Devifoil Mirror - System for Keeping the Mirror Steam Free
Devicom TM WEB-Home - Control via the Internet

Flat and Office Heating
Roads and Roofs Keeping from Ice and Swnow
Frost Protection of Pipe Systems

DeviHeat electric heating systems

DeviHeat - Unique floor heating system, which is produced in Denmark. DeviHeat consist of heating cables, cable's fixing strips and thermostats, which controls the system. Flexibility, comfortable, easy and low-cos installation. Repair capability, energy efficiency, high ecological standarts, service invisibility - this are the advantages of the system.

While the traditionally use of heating systems, warm air flow directs toward the ceiling, where it cools, then runs down. The floor is still cold, so the body can sense the lower temperatures.

Warm floor distributes heat equally to the entire surface of the floor. People feel more comfortable the temperature at their feet is higher than at the height of their head.

DeviHeat enables you to have high comfort and equally temperature in the building. Compared with the traditional heating system Deviheat system reduces costs by 20%.

Comfort and Equally Heat in all Rooms

You can install Deviheat system in any room in your house, such as basement, bathroom, kitchen, hall, sitting room, bedroom and children's room.

Installation under any type of floor

DeviHeat system is installed under the floor of any type: granite, parquet, linoliumi, carpet, marble.
Devi's heating systems is intenden, first of all, for those heat loses, which is typical for any building. The DeviHeat system heats the whole floor. The system does not require any additional heat applications.

Deviheat can be installed indoor and outdoor. Devi's cables ase safe even under the water.

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