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Danfoss Energy saving valves

Cut heating energy costs up to 20% while improving comfort.
Automatically control the flow through your radiator to heat each room as you desire, with Danfoss TRVs. As rooms change temperature during the day, the internal thermostat opens or closes to maintain the selected temperature.


Principle of radiator regulator in case of changes in room temperature:
1. In case of increase of temperature condensate evaporated of the thermostat gathers in indicator, respectively pressure increases in siphon, which causes the valve to close (this reduces the power of heating device)
2. In case of decrease of the temperature opposite process of the mentioned process takes place i.e. the capacity of the valve is expanded.

Valve structure and mechanical characteristics:

1. Siphon - condensate place (temp. regulator)
2. Throttle - Water Supply Regulator
3. Flow stopper – Danfoss know-how

Why the Danfoss-regulating valves?!
• maintains equal pressure in every the heat partition
• eliminates noise generation
• has a zero operational costs
• Does not require re-construction of the system
• used both in one-storey and multi-storey buildings
• easily assembled and installed

How central heating system is being installed?

Hot water passes from the piston of hot water through pressure automatic regulators, then thermal regulating valve and enters the radiator. Thermal control valve determines when the room is sufficiently warm (temperature is automatically regulated to a specified level)

Valves of automatic balancing

After the use of thermal regulators of the radiator the heating systems moved from static to dynamic. To ensure optimum performance of dynamic system, it is necessary to use a dynamic system with automatic balancing valves.
- Automatic balancing valves are designed for dynamic heating systems
- Manually adjustable valves are used in a heater with constant hydraulic system.

Crane valves

Dismantling or maintenance services at a time when it becomes necessary to stop the flow of water in the radiator, Danfoss-crane valves will help you make it work!

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